Passenger compartment

Our offered range includes various technologies, materials and colour schemes for all coach types, from a utilitarian urban bus to a luxury touring coach. We renovate the passenger compartment of a coach to the extent requested by the commissioning entity:
  • Replacement of ceiling covering material. Materials range includes wool-based fabrics and synthetic leather.
  • Conversion of the lighting in the passenger compartment to LED.
  • Replacement of wall covering material. Materials range includes polyester- and wool-based fabrics.
  • Partial or complete replacement of floor plywood.
  • Replacement of floor covering material. We use durable and anti-slip PVC covering. Furthermore, various fitted carpets and brush mats
  • Renovation of the driver's work space. Renovation or covering of the dashboard and walls, providing the driver's seat with new leather or fabric covering, or replacement of the steering wheel or covering it with leather.
  • A complete upgrade of the toilet and covering of its walls
  • We replace and add any necessary passenger compartment fittings such as seat nets, seat arm rests, radiators, and seat belts.